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Map with status of SAHAJA YOGA in each State.


All the Sahaja Yogis have to realize What they are, they have to know. They should know their identity, They are now the Lights and they have to spread the Light! They are busy with business, they are busy with politics, they are busy with this; its all there. I am also very busy; I have a family, I have grandchildren, I have my children. I look after My family also. At the same time, the main attention should be in giving Realization to others; that’s the only way we can expedite it.”                           

 Quote from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, at Birthday Felicitations 1995 New Delhi, India.


The purpose of this Sahaja Vision project, website and map is to put attention on the states with less/no Sahaja Yoga and help seekers learn about Sahaja Yoga. 
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